“Who’s is the Image?”

Matthew 22:15-22 Primary v. 20

These men were trying to discredit Jesus and there is a powerful teaching behind how Jesus answered them. We know this piece of money had an image on it. It was Caesar.


Let’s look at man. Genesis 1:26-27 “our image… our likeness”. The Holy Trinity made man in their resemblance; a trinity of mind, body and spirit. Man bears the image of God.

These discreditors spoke of money. Our money is stamped with the Country to whom it belongs and it is to that Country that taxes / tribute are due. If man bears God’s image, who’s are we? God’s and prayer is how we pay tribute to Him. We were made to pray and commune with God.

Genesis 1:26-27 “and let them have dominion..” We are to rule over the Earth. We are God’s representative here. There is a close relationship we are to have with Him. We are to rule, but be in subject to Him.

Kingdoms used to send a viceroy to other countries to set up a new government, to which the viceroy was to be governor. This new government was in constant contact with the king to report and receive directions. If that governor couldn’t handle the position another was sent in his place. We are to be God’s viceroy. He has given us a task to perform on this Earth and when man fell the whole Earth suffered. Jesus was sent to bring redemption.

God saved us to restore us to the original state Adam and Eve were in. They prayed to God and He immediately gave the answer. No hindrances because there was no sin. God wants to have that kind of communication with us. Prayer is the highest form of  relationship we have with God. Sin frustrates God’s plan, but still man has that vehicle of prayer and through it we can make a difference.

We need to pray, read the Bible and follow God’s road map for our lives. The details and decisions of life are important on God’s road map and we need to seek Him for directions. When you communicate with God, He will communicate with you and you will know the will of God without question.

The devil has no right to talk to you. he has no right to tell you what you can and can not do. Communicate only with God.

We need to take our rightful place, one of victory. Make a difference in God’s Kingdom. Do what you are called to do. Be a mediator, a prophet, a king, God’s representative and image bearer. The world needs someone who will stand up and proclaim Jesus. Disperse God’s bounty.

Rev. Yohn / 9-17-14

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