“Tuned in to God”

John 3:1-8 / primary verse 8

Some folks try to do the things of God in the flesh, but we must stick with worshiping Christ in spirit and in truth. Nicodemus didn’t understand Jesus’ words. He wasn’t receiving the words because he didn’t have a receiver.

Can you hear God's voice?

How to set-up to receive from God:

  • You’ve got to have the radio receiver (The Holy Ghost baptism)
  • Your radio needs plugged in and turned on (Be open to receive from God)
  • Make sure you are on the same wave length / station as the Spirit of God
  • Stay close to the station (Daily commune with God and read His Word)
  • Get your antennas up (Raise your arms)

 Some only sort of hear from God…that’s not good enough. The Spirit of God breaths wherever He wishes. God is calling a people to a higher measure, to a higher plain. Make sure you hear and feel the Spirit of God. Turn your radio on, so you may hear and know. You can know the distinct word of God. You can hear the Thus Saith the Lord. You don’t need anyone to speak the words of God to you. God can speak directly to you.

Evangelist James McMickin / 10-1-14 Wednesday

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