“The Table Prepared”


Psalms 23:5

David was a man of warfare. He knew what it was like to deal with enemies. He said “Thou preparest a table before me”. This table is a big banquet table filled with a feast; it isn’t just an empty piece of furniture. God does it right because He intends for us to be satisfied. God prepared it for you. God wants to serve you.

Thanksgiving feast

“In the presence of mine enemies”: Our enemies will not be comfortable in the light of God’s presence. They will want to escape and leave you. Pull up to the table with your enemies, God wants to heal you and have a relationship with you.

“Thou anointest my head with oil”: (Oil = the Spirit of God) God will make you fat with all His goodness.

God will care for you and nourish you in the midst of your enemies. He will bless you abundantly with His Spirit and you will overflow with joy. All you have to do is sit up there and partake of it. The table is prepared, come and dine.

As preached by Rev. Yohn / 9-14-14 Sun Morn 

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