“The Might of satan”

Luke 22:31-32

A hidden and forgotten enemy, is a strong enemy.  satan wanted to “work” on Simon Peter to see if he would fall.  This account is so reminiscent of the conversation between God and satan prior to Job’s testing.  Peter had been a converted follower of Jesus for three years at this point, but he was indeed headed for a fall.


There are three great enemies to mankind:

  • The World 

                    (We have control over how much these influence us)

  • The flesh 
  • satan  (the most dangerous because he hides)

People forget about satan because they don’t see nor do they regard him.  He takes full advantage of the situation because he loves to attack suddenly so we don’t even see it coming.  It behooves us to know satan’s tactics and to be aware of him.  He darkens the eyes of mankind so they do not know him when they see him.  He hides in the darkness and when he does show himself, he appears as an angel of light and deceives the “blind”.  Jesus put the devil in his place because He recognized who he was; the enemy.  Jesus did not play games with satan.  The only way to understand what satan is doing is to be close to God.

satan’s tactics:

  • Possessing and using people – Matthew 16:21-23 + Luke 22:3
  • Stealing the word of God – (so when it’s given, people do not remember it) Mark 4:15
  • Putting infirmity/sickness upon you – (many physical sicknesses come from sickness in the soul) Luke 13:16
  • Oppressing or trying to oppress people – Act 10:38

 satan worked through Peter and Judas and he will work through the church too if we are not careful.  He desires to sift the church of the Living God.  He desires to have us.  When you open yourself up for the devil to work through you, he will.

Jesus came to destroy the works of satan Colossians 2:15satan is going forward with everything within him to destroy.  We need to be out there destroying those workings of the devil.  There are people that really think they are OK, but satan has blinded and deceived them.  Also false teachers and preachers come in like a wolf to destroy.  They tear down the church, speaking a form of brain washing that deceives the people.  We need to pray, “God, open my eyes so that I can see what is really going on here” and we will see.

Peter did come back, praise God.  He wept bitterly and came back to God.  He learned a tough lesson though, we must be sober and vigilant 1 Peter 5:8.

satan is a mighty foe of limited power.  He is not all powerful like God.  satan works on our weaknesses and comes when our guard is down.

The Church of the Living God is a sifting floor.  The wheat/corn belongs to God and the chaff belongs to satan.  Which of these piles do you want to be on?  Don’t let satan blow you over to his. 

satan uses different sieves:

  • Worldly-mindedness and wealth 2 Timothy 4:10
  • Self love or self seeking
  • Self confidence instead of God confidence (These often boast of being an over-comer.  Watch out for them, for they will be secretly ensnared)

When folks begin to be halfhearted or to have a divided heart, they are getting ready to change piles…unless someone is praying for them.  That is why it is so vitally important that we pray one for another.

“God help me.  Open my eyes.  I can’t do this thing alone.”  There is a lot more to this than just controlling your flesh.  Ephesians 6:12 – For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.

Understand, we do not know the depths of satan’s wickedness nor exactly how he works, but if we call upon the Lord, seek His help and the baptism of the Holy Ghost, we can become powerful for God and be used as an intercessor because God will show us the spiritual realm.

Thank the Lord that He has the final say, all the authority and we are not about to be overrun!  satan is an invisible spirit.  How do you fight him?  With the Spirit of God and the name of Jesus.  Let God fight the battle for you.  Cry out to Him.

As preached by Rev. Yohn / Wed 8-27-14

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