Sunday Night Miracle

Miracles are happening! Tonight, Rev. Yohn shared a little of what he spoke this morning. (Isaiah 57:19-21) Three times he uttered “and I will heal him, and I will heal them…” as he was speaking these words a woman in the congregation began to wave her arm and then slumped down into her pew. Seeing this, Rev. Yohn headed back to her and said “come on everyone, we need to pray.”miracles
Most of the congregation met him around the woman and all began to pray. Shortly after she came to herself and asked in bewilderment “what happened?”. She said the last thing she remembered was not being able to breath and trying to get Rev. Yohn’s attention.
Whatever satans intentions, God got the victory and the praise tonight! The rest of the service was filled with singing and praise to our King for performing this great miracle among us. Praise the Lord!

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