Sun Morn 7-6-14

Rev. Yohn preached:  “I will help thee”

Isaiah 41:13-15

God wants to help His children.  Has He not helped us in the past?  Look at all the promises and examples in the Bible, surely He will help us some more.  God has set His love upon us…before the foundation of the World.  God will remember His covenant to us.  “I will help thee,” saith the Lord.  Rest assured, God will meet those needs for you.  Verse 14 “Fear not” because of troubles.  Don’t let your heart be troubled.

An ant in a full granary, asks the farmer for a little bit of grain to eat.  It would be a little thing for the farmer to give to the ant.  So it is for God’s children in Father’s house, if we ask of Him.  God, what is man that you are mindful of him?  That you visit us and talk to us?  We don’t understand the extent of God’s love for us.

If you are here today and you feel beaten down and trodden upon, God will lift you up.  Man at times will feel so low, as a worm.  Even Jesus prayed, “God why have you forsaken me?”  Is it any wonder that we too at times feel this way?  Through bondage or trial, God will lift you up.  When you feel low, defenseless and helpless that is when God is able to help you.

Verse 15 God will make you a sharp instrument and you will crush the mountains in your life.  When satan has beaten you down till you feel like nothing, cry out to God.  He will come on the scene and say “I’m going to make something special out of you.”  God will lift you up and use you in His kingdom, then because of God’s help, you will be able to crush the mountains in your life.  God can turn those things around in your life.  God will help you.  “I will uphold thee with the right hand of my righteousness”, “I will help thee”.  God wants to touch our lives.  Do you want Him too? All you have to do is ask it of Him.

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