“Shall Not Want”

Psalms 34:8-10

In verse 34:10 people are likened unto young lions. They are strong, smart, crafty and full of energy; yet lacking the proficiency to fully provide for themselves, they suffer hunger. The end of that same verse is a promise. They that fear and seek the Lord shall not want, for He will not withhold any good thing. It all begins with prayer and reverence to God.

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Once we are saved (born-again), we must keep seeking God. Whether it be for help, guidance, more of Him…we need to consult with Him everyday. Those that do not seek God, do not fear God, neither do they truly love Him. We need to face the reality of eternity. Those that love and fear God, delight in Him and their relationship with Him. Genuine Christians long for God and put Him first, always. Those that are not, have inconsistencies in their lives. There is always turmoil because they are not settled within. Genuine believers are just the same today as they were yesterday. They consistently believe and are not in one day and out the next. They know a bad day does not change God’s promises to them. It takes perseverance and dedication to be a true seeker of God. If you want stability in your life, seek God. You might not be the first one to receive an answer, but the promise is still good. God will come through for you.

Sometimes we get mixed up concerning what a good thing is. Sure, winning a million dollars sounds good, but would it really be a good thing? What we consider good, might really be our down fall. God knows what is really good for us and what is really bad for us. It might not seem like a good thing when we go through the tough things in life, but sometimes we just have to learn things and grow richer in the Lord. Learn to drink the measure of the cup that God has given to you. There is no real need that we will lack when we truly seek the Lord.

The best place we can ever be found is seeking the Lord. These promises are for you. Are you a true seeker?

As preached by Rev. Yohn / 9-3-14 Wed

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