Revival Jan 12 (Eve)

(2 Samuel 15:13-14,31; 17:1-2,23; 18:9,14)  King David’s son Absalom had become an adversary.  He was operating a conspiracy to overthrow God’s elect.

Rev. D’Silva:  God is not deaf.  God is not blind.  He will not allow you to suffer in silence and darkness while others put you down and cause you to sink into depression.  Things will take place after these meetings are over.  You will see what God will do to your adversaries in 2014 and you will know God has spoken.  Why hasn’t God already moved?  It is because He was giving them due time to reform; to see if they would change.

Pastors, Prophets, church leaders, Husbands, Wives…guard yourself that you do not become manipulators; someone who tries to cause another to become what they want them to be and not what God wants.  Pastors and church leaders are to help guide the church to be what God wants the church to be.  Not to steer it in a direction for selfish gain.

Husbands…your marriage certificate is not your license to lord over your Wife so she fits into your mold, or vice versa.  That certificate just signifies to everyone that your spouse is on loan to you from God.  You do not own them.

Christians have become too dependent on Prophets and Prophetesses.  God will speak to those called His children.  The Prophets are to confirm God’s words to you.

Do not try to uproot, discredit, derail…someone whom God has called into a work for Him.  If someone sabotages you, they may succeed for awhile, but God will not allow it.  All those who are trying to put a wedge between someone and God or trying to make someone love them more than God, are fixing to take a tumble.  Anyone who’s trying to destroy someone whom God loves will have a rude awakening in 2014.  Don’t interfere with God’s election; God’s choice.

Don’t be friends with these people or you are fixing to go down with them.  Don’t support them.

Don’t be a wedge to them that are called, love the Lord and are doing the will of the Lord.

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