“Our Ultimate Salvation”

Revelation 19:7

We are looking for the coming of the Lord. Yes, we have loved ones that are lost, but in these last days there will be a great outpouring of the Spirit of God and we just have to believe that they will be gathered in at that time. The longer that God tarries, the more that are also falling away. We don’t want that either.

Are you ‘tuned in to the right station’ so you can hear that call, “come home”; the sound of the shout and trump of God? We walk through this life believing in something we cannot see, but we know God is real. When we get to Heaven we will finally see Him and our voices will join in praise, sounding through the heavens like mighty rushing waters.

No matter what situations we face in this life, we need to remember that we have a bright future. Heaven waits; this is not your final home. Jesus is coming back. One of these days, in the twinkling of an eye, we will be caught away to be with Him and we will join in those volumes of praise unto God, forever united with Him.

Unit 2 Study 14 of Radiant Life as taught by Rev. Hoover / 8-31-14 SS

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