Old Fashioned Pentecostal Service

What began Sunday morning and that which flowed over the congregation in the evening service, can only be described as an old fashioned, Pentecostal, Holy Ghost move of God!


Lined up to receive deliverance

In the morning service, the cries of the troubled hearted awoke the Master and He met us in a mighty way at the evening service. God sent the deliverer among us to heal, bring peace, lighten the heavy laden and to bring restoration. Those that needed deliverance lined single file down the center aisle and one by one were prayed for; and one by one individuals were given a personal message from God, that spoke peace to their troubled heart. Many were slain in the Spirit and all were blessed. Tears of sorrow were replaced by shouts of joy and dancing before the night was over and we are looking forward to the testimonies of all that God has accomplished on this blessed day!

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