Missions Convention

17th Annual Missions Convention

August 16 – 18 / 2013

We are pleased and excited to announce our upcoming Missions Convention!

What is a Missions Convention?

It’s a three day event that we hold every August.  The Missionaries we support come and share with us what God has been doing through their ministries.  We keep a close relationship with our Missionaries, but only see most of them during Convention time;  it is our family reunion.  It’s a time of rest for our Missionaries, a time when we can say thanks for all they are doing and a time to bless them.  In return, they always bless us.

Every year we select a featured Country and decorate the church accordingly.  This year we have chosen Thailand.  The foyer will display a “floating” garden, a fountain and a passport check, where all attendees must get their passport stamped.  (The play passports are provided)

We welcome you to come and join in, there is always a lot of fun and laughter!



Friday (16th) and Saturday (17th) @ 7pm Sunday Morning @ 9:30 am Sunday Evening @ 6pm

Daily Events:

Missionary Displays
Missionary Videos
Special Singing
Featured Speaker — Rev. William Rodriguez
(Missionary to Mexico and Latin America)