Mission News from Mexico

The first Sunday of every month is Mission Sunday here at Victory. Our Treasurer reads highlights of letters from our Missionaries and shares any updates she has received. We want to share this great report from our two Missionaries to Mexico with you:

At a new church with 25 members, pastored by graduates of the Bible school started by our Missionaries, a blind woman came forward. The young pastor asked the woman if she wanted to give her heart to Jesus, which she did. Then the pastor prayed for her healing and the woman was completely healed of blindness! This woman, who was a devout Catholic and had never been in an evangelistic service before, testified, “I don’t know how to talk like you, but I do know this…I was blind and now I can see!” Praise God her eyes were opened spiritually and physically and because of her testimony, her whole family came to know the Lord!

At this same church there was a family with a little boy, who had seizures for two hours at a time. Because of this condition, the boy had gone into a coma. The doctors said that if the boy would wake up, he would most likely remain in a vegetative state and would certainly never walk again. The church was fasting and praying for him and God stirred the pastor to go and pray for the boy. The pastor went, he prayed and the boy woke up. He saw his sister sitting on the chair next to him, smiled and called her by name. What rejoicing there must have been in that room! The pastor prophesied to the boy’s father, “Your son will walk down the aisle at our church anniversary celebration and testify.” Our Missionary was there to witness the miracle of this young boy walking to the platform and sharing his great testimony. Everyone was crying and shouting praises to God. What a celebration! The church has grown from 25 members to 150 because of the great moving of the Lord in that place. Praise the Lord for the revival there in Mexico!

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