Mission Convention – first day

8-15-14 Highlights

The Voices of Victory trio ministered in song, as did James and Jennifer McMicken (who joined us every service and have become an adopted part of the family).

All of our visiting Missionaries were given a chance to stand and give greetings to the congregation and share about God’s goodness.

Sis Mary (Mexico Missionary 32 years) shared how God has kept His hand upon her all these years. Mexico has become increasingly more dangerous over the last few years. The cartels have gained a strong foot hold and at check points, one can never be too sure who it is that’s doing the stopping; Mexican officials or the cartel. Sis Mary told us when she’s stopped she always turns on her van’s interior lights, lightheartedly adding, “If they are going to shoot me, I only want them to have to do it once.”

Bro Haas said, “Coming here (Victory Tabernacle) is like coming home.”

Bro Erickson (E Africa Missionary 43 years) has been on furlough and said he was “eager to get back in the harness” again. He shared with us some of his recent experiences of being a giver and not a go-er. He said, “even if you’re not really sure if you heard God or not, give and God will bless you out of you socks! God sees your heart.”

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