“Joseph the Prince”

Genesis 39:1-23; 41:1-52

Joseph, with Godly wisdom, instructed Pharaoh what should be done and he was exalted. God had prepared him step by step for this great position.

Joseph selling grain

God has promised us things. We are at point A and as we journey to that promise with Him, He will be teach and prepare us for that promise.

Joseph was taken from such dismal circumstances and placed second in command of all Egypt. God raised him up and he was finally seeing the fulfillment of His promises. If you have the favor of God in your life, there is no reason to be concerned about the situations in your life. God is going to handle them for you. Nothing is going to stop those promises. God has not forgotten them. For fourteen years Joseph waited on those promises. God will fulfill what He has promised, hold on.

For twelve years a certain minister faithfully held church services. God had promised him a congregation, but for the entirety of those twelve years the only attendees were his wife and his children. Then at the end of those years of faith, families began to come and as soon as they walked in through the doors, they were slain in the Spirit. The church grew by leaps and bounds and the minister saw God’s promises fulfilled.

Even though Joseph faced injustice many times, he did not allow himself to become bitter. The names he gave to his sons in Egypt show where his heart was. These sons became tribes that were included in the great Exodus out of Egypt. If you are faithful to God, He will remember your children. They are your protégé and that is important to God.

Joseph was blessed in spite of trouble. satan does not have the power to stop God’s blessings. He has already been defeated; he just doesn’t know it yet. But one day, God will show him in a big way.

Everything is not going to go your way in this life, but God will turn everything around to benefit you; for in everything God is working for the good of you. When we are faithful to God in tough situations, it is then we will see the might of God. Tough situations cause us to grow-up in God.

Despite all the injustice Joseph faced, he did not become bitter. He kept a good attitude and a thankful heart toward God. If you give God thanks and credit for all He does for you and through you, He will use you to do great things.


Rev. Hoover / 9-14-14 SS / Unit 1 Study 2 of Radiant Life

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