“Joseph the Dreamer”

Genesis 37:3-36; 39:20, 41:40-41, 42:6, 43:26-28

You don’t need to share everything that God tells you. Sometimes it is best to keep them to yourself, unless God releases you to share. Otherwise it can cause hard feelings and conflict.

God keeps His promises

Satan wanted Joseph to be destroyed. Don’t ever forget that satan sees more of your life than you do. He sees what is ahead and he wants to stop you. When he comes to attack, we need to ask ourselves, ‘OK, what’s up ahead for me that satan is trying to stop me?’ Don’t let satan get into your head. Don’t let him stop you. People sometimes say, “You must have done something wrong that this bad thing is happening to you.” But that mindset creates a vicious cycle and many times has absolutely nothing to do with it. It isn’t something you’ve done and God didn’t cause it to happen to you; satan is the enemy and he’s out to destroy and hinder you.

Joseph’s brothers didn’t even love and respect their Father. They deceived him and let him come to his own dreadful conclusion as to Joseph’s disappearance. Even Jacob’s great suffering over his “death”, wasn’t enough to stir their emotions to tell him the truth. Jacob lost hope for the promises of God because they were clouded with grief. However, Joseph was alive. He was not in a comfortable place, but hope was alive. If there is yet breath, there is hope. No matter what the situation may look like, no matter how satan tries to hinder, God will rework it and rework it until His plan is fulfilled. His promise will be fulfilled. Where there is breath, there is hope.

It does not matter if you can’t see your way out of the situation you’re in. God can and He is actively directing it. If God gave you a dream, a promise, just hold on. Things may not seem to be the way God said they’d be, but maybe you are where you’re supposed to be for right now. Just hold on and be careful not to let your attitude become a sour one that says you’re not trusting God. Hard times do not mean that your trust in God is misplaced. Trust in God is never misplaced. His promise to you will undoubtedly come to pass. satan has no power over God’s promises.

God was setting Joseph in the position for a great deliverance. God is taking us step by step into a great place so He can use us too. God has great plans. Sometimes we are just to brighten the corner where we are and sometimes we are used for a bigger purpose, for more influence.

We must continue to look to God for strength, grace, and guidance; whether we are in a hard place or in a good one. God is faithful to bring about those dreams, those prophecies and those promises. God will have His way.

As taught by Rev. Hoover / 9-7-14 SS / Unit 1 Study 1 of Radiant Life

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