Holy Ghost Revival 6-26-14

James McMickin preached:  “Anointed to Victory”

Matthew 14:22-34

Jesus specifically spoke to the disciples to go to the other side.  Perhaps the sky was clear and the water calm or maybe the sky was already getting dark and the water rough, but he commanded them to go. He didn’t ask them for their opinion and it didn’t matter how they felt about God’s command, they were just supposed to listen and obey.

We need to learn to take God’s commands as promises.  He never commands us to do anything without supplying the right equipment.  What ever He commands us to do, it’s a promise to us that we can do it (with Him).

God doesn’t word His commands in a threatening way.  Look at the Ten Commandments; Thou shalt not kill, Thou shalt not commit adultery, Thou shalt not steal…these are promises not threats.  You shall not, means that you will not do it.  If you keep a fresh flow of the Holy Ghost flowing in your life, you will not do it.  You can be set free from all that.  Sin shall not have dominion over you.

When Jesus said “Go across”, they should have taken that as their ticket to the other side; a promise to the other side, regardless of the black sky and rough waves.  “Hallelujah, we’re going to make it to the other side!”  Instead when they were in the middle of the sea, in the midst of the storm, they were probably thinking “we’re going under!”  And then Jesus comes walking right on the waves they are so afraid of.

Jesus Walking On Water

Christ walking on the sea of Galilee by Henry Coller (1886-1950)

Always remember, no matter how high the waves are in your life, Jesus will always be over them all.  You’re going to make it, you’re going over.  Every blood bought believer can say “victory ahead!”  Even though the disciples couldn’t see the other side, it was still there.

Jesus comes and He says “Be of good cheer; it is I; be not afraid” in KJV, but in the Greek it says “Take courage, I Am”.  Do you hear the strength of the command?  “Take courage because I Am with you.”  I Am stronger than your circumstances.  When there is turbulence in your life, the Great I Am will walk over those waves and rescue you.  Serving God will sometimes get you into trouble, but you can be sure, the same God that got you into the trouble, will be with you through the trouble and will get you out of the trouble (Daniel in the lions den, Hebrew boys and fiery furnace).

Peter was safer to stay on the boat, but he walked out on the word “come”.  He often gets a bad wrap, but he did walk on the water…until he got his eyes off of the Word and on the situation.  Then he began to sink, but praise God he didn’t finish sinking!  He knew who to call out to and Jesus lifted him up.

(Acts 12:6-7) Peter was in prison sleeping when in the morning, man said that he would die.  An angel had to wake him up.  Why was he able to sleep?  Jesus had prophesied that Peter was going to grow old, he surely remembered what Jesus had said and by faith he saw the victory ahead; regardless what man said.

David was anointed to be King and always seemed to be in the jaws of death.  By faith he must have known, if God has given you promises through true prophecy, He is not done with you yet.

Don’t be disheartened when the devil tries to get you down, just say “God’s not done with me yet”.  Be a Peter, be a David and take courage.  By faith I see the victory ahead, no matter if it seems insurmountable…believe.  We are anointed to go through and to go over.  God does not anoint defeat…He anoints victory.

Are you a born-again winner? Always triumphant through Christ Jesus?  You can be.

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