Holy Ghost Revival 6-24-14

James McMickin preached:  “Get Real”

Matthew 15:21-28

God is real, are we real? When Jesus walked this Earth, He performed good works everywhere He went.  And He is still the same today (He is the same yesterday, today and forever).  If we approach God the right way, He will still work in that way.  We hear about the great miracles happening in Africa, Sri Lanka… but, God has not forgotten the USA.  I believe God still has a great move planned for us, right here.

When the woman approaches Jesus, He appears to be down right rude to her.  He ignores her.  It isn’t typical of Jesus to ignore someone in need, for He says “come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden…”.  So we need to analyze this and realize we cannot blame Jesus for His reaction to her.  She is at fault or more specifically, her approach to Him is to blame.

We must be careful that the way we approach God is appropriate.  The wrong approach will get you no where with God.  Someone who flaunts themselves, is self righteous or has “I problems” (I fast every week, I’ve been saved for 20 yrs, I’m a super Christian…);  God will put them on ignore.  But God is always eager and rushes to aid those that approach Him appropriately.

Jesus had a reason to reject her approach.  Let’s take a look at her:  She was a Canaanite woman, a Gentile.  All Gentiles were counted as dogs to the Jews, but Jesus would not have held that against her because He reached out to other Gentiles before Calvary (ie. the Centurion).  It was the phrase “Son of David” that was inappropriate.  This was a phrase used exclusively by a person of Jewish descent.  It literally means “I recognize Jesus as the Messiah”.  A Gentile does not have a covenant right to the promises given to Israel.  She must have learned the phrase from somewhere.  She used it, trying to deceive Jesus.  Hoping to trick Him into believing she was a Jew and entitled to His help.  She is not getting real with Jesus.  If you want to turn God off, pretend to be something you’re not.  God is never going to honor a facade (ie. when sinners pray like they’re a Christian).  A thin veneer over a hunk of carcass is a stink in the nostrils of God.  Nor will He listen to a mess of platitudes.

The Disciples began asking Jesus about her and told him to just get rid of her.  Then Jesus speaks to them about her and makes it clear that she is not a daughter of Israel.  She now knows she has not deceived Him and falls at His feet with a simple “Lord help me”.  He finally addresses her, but again He seems so untypical.  Remember though, He is dealing with a pretender.

Jesus ignores her, talks about her and then calls her a dog.  She is triple insulted, but stays and agrees with Him.  She finally got real with God.  Now He is satisfied her façade is gone and He compliments her, shows her respect and meets her need.

Healing is the Children’s bread.  We’d all be just a bunch of unworthy Gentile dogs (unless of Jewish lineage), but for the grace of God.  As Christians, we have been grafted in by adoption through the blood of Jesus Christ.  Yet even as Children of God, we need to learn from this woman’s mistake; being careful to approach God with a humble and contrite spirit; having no façade.  We all must get right and get real because God already knows.

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