Holy Ghost Revival 6-23-14

James McMickin preached:  “Lost in the house”

Luke 15 (primary text 15:8-10)

The publicans and sinners were attracted to/drew near to Jesus.  If we will present the Gospel as Jesus did, we will draw sinners to us too.  The Pharisees and scribes were complaining about good news “this man receives sinners”.  This is great news!  We should not and cannot thrust anyone away (regardless of who they are or what they’ve done).

When we read the parable of the lost sheep, we need to understand that the sheep didn’t get lost intentionally.  It got lost through confusion.  Sometimes those that used to be a part of the family of God wander away.  They listen to this preacher saying one thing and that TV preacher saying another thing; they become confused because they aren’t listening to the Good Shepherd.  Before long they are wondering where God is and how they’ve become so turned around.  They unintentionally have become lost.

James McMickin

James McMickin

When we read the parable of the lost son we see that he left through rebellion.  He left intentionally and was lost.

In seeking to win souls, we must understand that some got lost unintentionally and some because of rebelliousness.  We need to learn how to handle each one.  You can “chase” after those that, like the sheep, have gone astray, but “chasing” after those that are rebellious is a waste of time.  You just have to wait until they get fed up with themselves.  And we need the discernment to know the difference.

Looking at the parable of the lost coin:  The coin was lost inside the woman’s house.  Woman refers to Christians and/or the Church  (for we are called the Bride of Christ).  We are the place that houses the presence of God.  There are some lost coins the Church has to get back.  We are not seeing the moving of the Lord as we used to because something has become lost in the house.  We need all ten pieces of silver; the whole truth of the Gospel.  The devil did not steal your gifts or your calling.  He cannot and he gets way too much credit for things.  God didn’t revoke them either.  The missing thing is in there, sweep you house, clean it up and clear up that clutter.  If your heart is gathering dust (spiritually speaking), there is a lost coin in there somewhere.  What calling of God is lost under the dust?  What gift of the Spirit is lost in the house?  Clean that house and find that coin.  You can just settle for 9 pieces and miss out or you can seek diligently until you find what is lost.

It’s time to find what is lost of value in the house.  Stir up that gift within you that has been collecting dust.  It hasn’t been taken away from you, it’s been there all the time!


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