Holy Ghost Revival 6-22-14 Morn

James McMickin preached:  “Finding a resting place for the dove”

Genesis 8:6-12

There are three kinds of spirits in the world; the Spirit of God (Holy Spirit), the spirit of man and the spirit of satan.

An old buzzard (not found in these scriptures) eats rotten, unclean things and nothing good.  It is like satan, in whom there is no good nor clean thing.

The crow (raven) can be likened unto man.  It will “flip flop”; eating the things which are clean (seeds) and the things which are unclean (carcasses).  It’s like the hypocrite, consuming whatever is convenient at the time.  It had lived in the safety of the ark and when Noah sent it forth, the crow did not return.  It probably when out and found some dead carcass to rest on and feast upon.

white dove

The dove is symbolic of the giving or pouring out of the Holy Spirit / Holy Ghost.  After the Dove descended or rested upon Jesus (Mark 1:10, Isaiah 11), it was then that He began to perform the miraculous.  The dove didn’t go out and look for dead things, but for something that was alive and clean.  It wasn’t going to land on some dirty old carcass somewhere.  When it couldn’t find a resting place, it went back to the ark.

Many people flood their lives with things that grieve God.  The Dove is looking for a landing place.  He is not a parakeet in a cage that you can get out when ever you want and tell what to do or what to say.  Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty.  The Holy Spirit isn’t caged up, He is free.  He is the Paraclete, not the parakeet.

Has that Dove found a resting place in you?  If you want to attract the Dove, you have to prepare.  He is seeking good, clean, fertile soil that is tillable and workable; ground where the Pure Seed is found.  Break up the fallow ground, sow with the good seed; the Word of God.  The Dove rested on Jesus and He is the incorruptible seed, the Word.  The Holy Ghost loves to rest on the Word.  Fill your lives with Jesus and the Holy Spirit will abide with you.  Not come and leave, but abode with you.  Being saved and filled with the Holy Ghost is like drinking a glass of water.  Being baptized is like jumping in the lake.  The Dove will come in for a landing, but you must first prepare the landing strip.

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