Holy Ghost Revival 6-22-14 Eve

James McMickin preached:

Judges 13:24+25

Sampson is like many in the Pentecostal church; once mighty for the Lord, but was side tracked.  He got a righteous attitude and self got in the way.

Sampson was a Nazarite.  They were a people who were a cut above the others who followed the Mosaic Law.  They were set apart, elect and elite for God.  As we are to be, following the New Testament law; set apart and sanctified.

The Spirit of the Lord began to move him at times in the camp... Pentecostals need to get back to the real moving of the Spirit, not this “phony baloney” hyped up moving.  God is not in it.

The Spirit of the Lord came mightily upon him.  God moved and came mightily.  The Holy Ghost did the moving and the shaking.  Sampson didn’t have to psych himself up.

Note, the Holy Spirit continued to use him in spite of his backslidden state.  He was doing things that were against the laws of God, yet God still shook him…for a time.  There have been many great moves of God that really shook folks, but then self got in the way and the Spirit of God was no longer in it.  You’d better believe when God really begins to do something, satan will be there to hinder it.  We’ve got to be careful to keep self out of it.  Get out your “buzzard stick”  (the Word of God) and drive satan away. Sampson and Delilah

Judges 16:20 I will go out and shake myself.”  Sampson never had a need to shake himself before, the Holy Ghost did it.  There are a lot of Pentecostals out there trying to shake themselves and they don’t have anything to shake.  They lost it.  You can’t prim the Holy Ghost.  They’ve become a three ring circus.  They try to do their own pumping.  Pastors getting themselves hyped up before service and pumping up the congregation, trying to get the moves of God they once had and they don’t know what they lost.

Sampson went through persecution for a time.  After regaining his strength in the Lord, he asked God to once again move him and the Holy Ghost rested upon him and God shook him again.     

The Holy Ghost’s resting is like a coat or a mantle of many pieces.  There are many gifts of the Spirit.  When God gives us this gift of the Holy Spirit baptism and we wear the coat, which is our mantle of anointing, (remembering it’s God and not us) then we will have a Holy Ghost revival.  Allow the Holy Ghost to rest upon you.  Allow the Holy Ghost to move you.

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