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“David’s Sin and Nathan’s Confrontation”

2 Samuel 12:1-12

How does a Child of God get to the place where they could fall in to sin and what’s the cost of trying to hide it? God will go to great lengths to bring someone back into repentance.confront He may send a “Nathan” confrontation to deliver His words. This confrontation must be Spirit lead. If God has not spoken and told someone to confront another, they will speak from the flesh and do more harm than good.

Rev. Glenn Yohn

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“A Persistent Life Message”

Acts 11:19-30

Barnabas is called the Son of Encouragement, he held fast and encouraged others to do so. We need more sons and daughters of encouragement.persis We need more people who understand that serving God is 24/7. Serve Him right where you are and you might be surprised what God will do with you, if you just stand still and see the glory of God.

Rev. Dan Hess

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“When In Crisis…”

2 Chronicles 20:15-18; 21-22

Many are the troubles that the Children of God face, but God says to fear not, remember what He has promised you.


When times of crisis come, pray first of all and wait to receive instruction from God. Victory is won when we follow God’s instructions and praise the Lord. (Includes personal testimony from the mission field)

Rev. Yohn / 6-17-15 Wed

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