“Bind the Scarlet Line in the Window”

Joshua 2:12-14, 18 + 21

In Hebrews 11:31 Paul wrote, By faith the harlot Rahab perished not with them that believed not, when she had received the spies with peace”. We see a mighty conversion for Rahab. She protected these spies, who’s God her people feared and asked for a token of agreement that her family would be keep safe in return. Once the agreement was made and the spies had escaped, Rahab wasted no time in binding the scarlet line in her window.

Rahab in the window

There are four things we are going to observe here:

  1.  Every believer needs to be obedient
  2.  There is a covenant
  3.  We need to be dedicated to the Lord
  4.  We need to dedicate our house to the Lord

(Every believer needs to be obedient)  Rahab listened to every detail of the instructions given by the Lord through these men. Why did the line have to be scarlet? Perhaps it goes back to God’s command to the Children of Israel in Egypt; apply the blood and the death Angel will pass over you. We need to listen to the detail that God gives us. Missing small details can really mess up the direction we are supposed to move in. The detail is essential because there is no other way to do it. We must give ourselves unto God’s details. Our eternal life weighs upon them. Sampson thought it was a small thing to obey the Lord’s instruction to stay away from the Philistine women and he suffered greatly because of his disobedience. First of all, have faith, then obey and finally, receive the blessings. Rahab’s obedience saved not only herself, but her household and her family. Obedience to God not only affects you, but also reaches out and touches your family.  Adversely, neither do we suffer alone in our disobedience.

(There is a covenant)  Rahab clung to the covenant and hung the scarlet line out of her window for all to see. God’s covenant with mankind is Salvation.  Many Christians miss out because they fail to display their holy confidence in God. Do we hang our scarlet cord out the window? Have you proven your obedience to the Lord? Rahab didn’t look for any added security, she simply hung the line in the window. God’s covenant isn’t something that needs completed or added to. It is finished.

(We need to be dedicated to the Lord)  There needs to be some sort of confession. We are not to hide our light; our scarlet cord.  Let your light shine. ‘I’ve accepted this covenant, the Word of God.  It is not old fashioned, it is up to date.’ There will be those that will see the scarlet line and not understand it, but if someone has any inkling, it will be an encouragement and a witness to them. God is the first one to look for that scarlet line. Please God first and most of all because we need His favor more than man’s. Resolve to be identified with the Lord and with the Word of God. God chose you, not just to take you to Heaven, but to proclaim His grace, mercy and Holiness to the nations of the World. Let the scarlet line come out in your conversation. When you talk to people, you can begin to ask them questions, (“Do you know Jesus? Are you saved?”) and they will shut you down because they’ve been down that old road many times before; but if you let them talk for awhile and ask the Holy Ghost to direct the conversation, before long you’ll be sharing Jesus with them in a way that they will hear and understand.

(We need to dedicate our home to the Lord)  Every one of our homes should display the scarlet line. People should be able to sense the peace, security and presence of God in your home. Your testimony should affect those that visit. Everyone of us should have bounds in our house; a standard and a principle that should be upheld everyday. There are things that should not be entering into them; certain books, magazines, TV shows and certain things that should never be spoken. Let there be a standard.

Dedicate yourself and your home to God and He will be your security. He will watch out for you, your house and your household. Claim the territory that God has given to you. Hold on to it. Rahab brought her family into the house, hung out the scarlet line and all within were saved.  Praise God! Hang out that scarlet line and bring your family in. God will meet your needs and the needs of your family, if you will be obedient.Rahab was honored in the Scriptures more than once because she honored God and was obedient. Hold on to Jesus and hold the banner up high. When you get to Heaven it will be worth it all.

As preached by Rev. Yohn / 8-31-14 Sun Eve

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