“Benefits of Salvation”

8-24-14 Sun School

(Unit 2 Study 13 of Radiant Life) Taught by Rev. Hoover:

2 Corinthians 5:17

If God never does another thing for us for the rest of our lives, we have much to thank Him for.  We have the opportunity to hear and read The Word, to talk to the Father and to grow in Him.  When we receive Salvation, our entire status changes.  We are sealed by the Holy Ghost, identified with God and as God’s.  We become His child and come under His protection and provision.  Our sins are washed away and are completely forgotten.  There is no human effort that can ever bring forth Salvation.  It can only come through Jesus Christ.  Good works will not earn Salvation, but they are a result of it.

We are basically orphans until we are adopted into God’s family.  Then we can call God ‘Abba Father’.  It is a close relationship.  We can approach Him and call Him ‘Daddy’.  We are heirs and joint heirs to all that Heaven holds.  Stop and think about that for a minute… God owns it all.  There are benefits we can have now; benefits God wants us to have access to right now, but when we get to Heaven, we will have the full benefits.  We have obtained mercy and grace and because we are God’s children, those store houses of benefits and blessings are open to us.  They are there, but sometimes we just have to wait.  Be patient and after a time, the fullness of that blessing will be complete.

God’s grace and mercy is what you need, so that you can be made righteous (in right standing) before Him.  He yearns and longs to draw the lost in, to love them and call them His own.  Let others know… it is for them too. 

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