8-6-14 Wed

It Is Now Time!” spoken by Rev. Hoover

I was going to preach something completely different, but at 10pm God changed the message. You will understand why.

Psalms 124

This Psalm is the fifth song of degrees. It is a song of praise that was written because of a great deliverance. These people were on the brink of complete destruction. The enemy was many and mighty and had come to eat them alive. satan comes to destroy us quick, to sweep us away like the raging, advancing waters of a tsunami. He hates God’s people, but the same God that delivered them by His mighty hand, is the same One who will deliver us. God lifts up a standard against satan and it began here Sunday night!

Verse 6 The enemy actually had a hold on them, but God said, “Oh no, that’s my child”. Like a lamb delivered out of the lions jaws, we shall be unharmed. (Job 4:10) God will brake out the teeth of the young lion. When the enemy comes to get you, God is going to break out their teeth!

God said it’s time to praise Him; receive the oil of gladness and put on the garment of praise. God has taken care of it. You are going to see those things you’ve been praying for!

Verse 7 God even breaks the enemy’s snare so you won’t get caught in them ever again. God is saying, “I’m doing it, it’s time now!” God help us that we always declare we have the victory because of Him.

Get this in your heart: God didn’t just change the message to give me something to preach. It’s time now. God is taking you away from the enemy. satan cannot stop God, but God can stop satan. And God is doing it to show others the strength of the God we serve. In the weeks to come, just praise God!


There have been great oppressions against this church and individuals of this church. God is showing Himself strong for us. Things are turning around right now for this church, but don’t just get on your happy train, while you are on your knees, get closer to Him. You will see even greater works and God will use you because you give Him credit for all He does.

God wants His people to prosper in all ways. This is not a name it and claim it prosperity message, you will prosper because you’ve been faithful. Get ready church! Hold on because things can change for you. You have an inheritance through God. He will take care of you financially, physically…start praising God! Now it is time. God is breaking the power of the enemy in our lives because He knows we will give Him the praise and others will hear and believe.

satan seeks for those whom he may devour, but God sees. Why now? Why not before? 2 Chronicles 16:9 God wants to show Himself strong on our behalf. The great miracles we will see are what will draw others in. Who can argue with God’s miracles? God is going to show Himself strong for this church!

No longer mourn over what is not right in your life. Pray and speak things as though they are because God calls them into existence. Now it is time!

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