8-3-14 SS

God’s Plan of Salvation” taught by Rev. Hoover

Unit 2 Study 10 Radiant Life

Genesis 3:15,21; Isaiah 51:4-11, 55:1-7; Jeremiah 31:31-34; Ephesians 2:4-7; Titus 3:3-7

God was not surprised by Adam and Eve’s sin in the garden; hurt, but not surprised. God already knew He needed to have a plan. Nothing in your life will surprise God either. Jesus came to fight the battle and He won. God gave us the power to have that victory. When I left the altar, I didn’t have to wonder, “Did God really forgive me?” I knew that He did. Only by faith and believing in Jesus Christ can we be saved.

God provided clothing for them; a covering for them before Him. They were uncomfortable as a sinner in God’s presence, they were convicted. Through salvation we are clothed in righteousness and made acceptable in God’s presence.


God’s redemptive plan is for everyone, but we each have to make a commitment to God, through Jesus and by our lifelong walk with Him. Sometimes we Christians need to repent. It is not good enough to repent once back when you were first saved. There is no eternal security. Salvation is free for everyone, but it comes with a warning. God will not always strive with man. Do not toy with God and do not “play Christian”.

God is still in the saving business and we need to tell someone. It doesn’t need to be lengthy nor eloquent; simple messages sometimes make the biggest difference.

Salvation is not a list of rules and regulations like the Mosaic Law. It is a change on the inside, a change in the heart. The sin and the guilt are all taken away and we can enjoy a close relationship with God.

God’s love for you is great; it’s immeasurable. His mercy is so rich and full that it will touch everything that you commit to Him. God sees a potential in you. Jesus died for you. Sin doesn’t stop God from loving you, from reaching out to you. No one deserves God’s mercy and love. He sees you right where you are and He desires you. He wants you to be His child, precious in His sight…His treasure. It’s not too late. There is room at the cross for you. Fall in love with God. Serve Him because you love Him. Come be blessed by God; communicate with Him, feel His touch and hear His words.

 Thank God for this new covenant; the covenant of salvation!

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