8-3-14 Morn

It is Good to Draw Near to God” preached by Rev. Yohn

Psalms 73:27-28

We need to get close to God and trust Him. After we do this, God will display His power so we can declare all of His works.

(Luke 16:22-25) The rich man in Hell cried out, mourning in deep sorrow from the torment and complete separation from God. Surely he wished he would have drawn close to God.

The things we think to be good for us are not always so. Let us draw near to God and listen to what He says is good for us.


If we want to make it to our destiny, we have to make good decisions along the way. Going to church is a good thing, but why do you go? Is it to draw close to God or because it looks good or some other reason? God says His house shall be called the house of prayer.

Why does God want us to come near? (1 Kings 18:21-39) That we may know. God wants us to see what’s going to happen. He wants to prove something to us. He wants us to have an experience with Him. When we see God moving we will fall down and worship Him. When we draw close, that’s when we will see God’s manifestation and moving in our life, not before.

It is good for us to draw close, but sometimes we shut God out and want what we think is good for us. God isn’t going to move there.

Close to God you will see blessings because God will command them into your life; something greater can happen than you ever thought possible. (1 Kings 18:41-46) When you see just a little evidence of God’s moving on you behalf, you’ll want to get even closer to Him. Elijah saw only a little cloud, but He told Ahab “get off the mountain now or you’re not going to make it”. God is going to pour rain upon your life, is your chariot ready?

When God performs a great manifestation, you will tell others; you will declare His good works. What you think now is impossible, God can turn around. If you are a Christian, you’re already on the right side. All you need to do is get closer to God.

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