8-15-14 Friday

Mission Convention day 1

Morning without Clouds” preached by Bro Causey

2 Samuel 23:1-5

David was a man whom God lifted up high. He was used by God even as a small boy and the work of God through him grew as he did. David was not afraid to make sure God was pleased. Even still, David turned away from God for a time and after that, there were always dark clouds in his life.

Sometimes Christians get into storms and it seems the darkness will never end and that God has forsaken them. Then depression sets in. This can happen to individual Christians, churches, Missionaries, Ministers…these dark clouds come and they lose out with God. Sometimes these dark heavy clouds come when there are loved ones that you just cannot seem to reach or come when your loved ones turn away from God.

morning dew

And he shall be…a morning without clouds. David was looking for that day. No depression, a day of restoration, a day of life.

When ever clouds get heavy and black, we can look to the Light, the One who will never let us down. We need a morning without clouds. We need a break through of Light. God wants you to have that day. He wants to rain on your soul and cause you to grow like that tender grass. A day where you can raise your hand and say ‘praise God He has not forgotten me, but He has lifted me up!’

Jobs’ cloudy day came when God removed the hedge from around him. He lost everything, but Job kept his integrity. He was looking for that cloudless day; for hope. Then in Job 42:10 It says the LORD gave Job twice as much as he had before. That’s a morning without clouds! God turned things all around, give him a brand new start and lifted him up!

You can get to that place where God is going to turn everything around for you! We need a new direction! You may have a loved one it seems you can’t reach, but God can turn that around! I’m talking about getting some help tonight! I’m talking about God pushing back the clouds because He sees you; as an individual, as His child.

When you get to that place where God pushes that cloud away and you can get up, there is going to be fire shooting through your bones! I’m talking about anointing and being on fire for God again! He wants you to get to that place where the rain is. He wants to give you a new beginning. God knows right where you are. The clouds have been as black as soot, but you’re going to see a morning without clouds. You’re going to see the light and the tender grass is going to grow! God is going to move that cloud away!

This is your opportunity to see that sun shiny day again. If you need God, if you need help, come to Jesus tonight. Come and He will come to you!

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