8-10-14 Eve

The Place of Decision” preached by Rev Yohn

Joshua 24:13-15

There are two great statements found in verse 15:

  1. Choose you this day whom ye will serve (We have the privilege to choose because God made us free moral agents)
  2. But as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord

The people had a divided heart and Joshua could no longer put up with their double mindedness. He, with a sense of urgency, brought them to a place of decision. As Elijah spoke “How long halt ye between two opinions?”

divided heart
In every age, mankind has had to make this same decision; to follow God or not, to serve God or satan? Each of us, (man, woman, boy or girl) need to make that decision for ourselves. This is not a decision to be made lightly. You must be determined because God has never promised us our life with Him would be easy. For Joshua the time for thinking about it was over. He had decided and determined to serve the Lord. We must dare to be like Daniel; daring to stand alone and making our decision known. One day we will all be judged for our decisions. We came into this world alone, we will cross into eternity alone and we will face God alone. No more deliberation. This is your decision time.
Joshua’s words were honest, anointed and they pierced the hearts of those that heard them. Through the years many people have stood up with determination and stood alone. They were and are mighty conquerors through the Lord.
There are many “spare time Christians” who serve God when they find the time. Unwilling to make a commitment, they are fools gambling with their souls. They do not know how much is at stake. Serving God is not a hobby.
Serving God at all times, in season and out of season, whenever He calls. Saying, “I’ll serve God even if it cost me my life”. This is the kind of commitment to God we all must make. Make it and I guarantee God will come and move on your behalf. Don’t be timid and fearful of what God is going to do, but jump into God’s river and all your doubts and fears will go.
Some folks are happy with a border experience. Once there was a poor man who was invited to come into an orchard and eat some of the apples there. The poor man refused. When asked by the Husbandman why he would not come in and eat, the poor man responded, “I’ve eaten apples from the border of your orchard and they were bitter”. The Husbandman said, “I’ve planted a hedge of crab apples around the border to keep out the riffraff. You come in to my orchard and eat some of my good sweet apples.” So it is in the Kingdom of God. God has planted a hedge around it to keep sin out. They call it conviction and they call it self denial, but you’ve got to come on in to eat those good sweet apples.
God gives benefits to His children that they could never earn or pay for. They have been paid for through the blood of Jesus Christ. Taste and see that the Lord is good. The closer you get to God the sweeter it will be. The closer you get, the more determined you will be to serve God no matter what. Make that decision and put the devil on notice. When he knows you’re resolved he will back off. I’m not saying you will never be tested and tempted again. I’m saying he tempts those who will give in. Make your resolve and you will resist the devil and he will flee from you.
When the Angels came to save Lot, he got his daughters and wife, but she was still attached to that city. When she turned around she became a pillar of salt. We cannot be attached to things of this world. We need to let it all go and serve God. As long as you are divided in your heart, the devil will have fun playing games with you.
Revelation 3:15-16 They were making God sick. Holding onto the world will make God sick. You can not be an “in-betweener”. There is a group of people who are serving the Lord courageously and there is a group of people who are wickedly refusing to. If you are somewhere in the middle of these two groups when the battle begins, you will be trampled. There are a lot of good, moral people who will not make it to Heaven because they’ve never made a commitment to God. Jesus is the door; He is the ONLY way in.
Long ago they used to shackle a corpse to criminals so they could not escape. They had to drag along that deadness every where they went. After a while the bacteria from the corpse would begin infecting the criminal and they would eventually die, being eaten from that deadness. This is how some people try to serve God. They say “I love you God, I’m following you”, but all along they are dragging along the deadness of this world. If they continue, eventually that deadness will overtake and destroy them.
We need to be unshackled from the world. We need to let that stuff go. Determine today to serve the Lord and you will be victorious in this life and in the life to come. Come into the inner orchard. Today is decision day!

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