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Personal Prophecy-What is spoken by God to You” taught by Rev. Yohn

Acts 2:18; 1 Corinthians 14:39-40

Covet earnestly the best gifts. Seek for the gift of prophecy, it is a reality. 1 Corinthians 14:39 does not say covet speaking in tongues or the gift of healing. It says covet to prophesy and do not despise it. Some churches walk folks out the door for prophesying, but 1 Thessalonians 5:20 says despise not prophesyings. We are admonished by scripture to esteem prophecy very highly. A word from the Lord

Personal prophecy will normally address two areas:

1)      Your future/destiny (God’s will for you)

2)      Your potential to reach that destiny


There are nine biblical limitations of personal prophecy that we will be discussing:

Personal prophecy…

1)      …is not perfect

2)      …is not all inclusive

3)      …is not about detail

4)      …is not a validation of your character

5)      …is not a guarantee

6)      …is not a current fact in present reality (most times)

7)      …is not an escape or a way out

8)      …does not qualify you for anything

9)      …is not judgmental or critical


Each of the nine limitations in more detail:


1)      Not perfect

When God uses a Prophet to speak, the prophet must first interpret what God has spoken and shown them concerning the individual and then relay that interpretation to them. Folks can take that interpretation completely the wrong way. For instance, words that have multiple meanings can cause quite a lot of confusion. Other times people do not remember exactly what was said or they just hear what they want to hear.


2)      Not all inclusive

If you have a lot of questions after a prophecy that does not mean it is flawed or inaccurate. Prophecy is to take you to a point in your destiny. These glimpses of our destiny are to excite us. Don’t expect to hear about your whole life.


3)      Not about detail

1 Corinthians 13:9 We know in part; we do not know all the details. When God talks to you about your destiny/future, He will not tell you what you will have to go through to get there.


4)      Not a validation of your character

Prophetic word of how God wants to use you does not mean you are super holy or perfect. Everyone has character flaws. It is a validation of the gift and not a validation of the person receiving the prophetic word.


5)      Not a guarantee

Nothing about your future is set in stone. A prophecy is not guarantee of fulfillment. It’s up to you to believe and do your part; it’s not up to the prophet to do the work. Your expectation should not be on the prophet, but in God. God said it, they are His words. Believe the words, do your part and it will be as God has said.


6)      Not a current fact in present reality (most times)

Most times they are not a statement of current reality. God speaks about what is not and speaks about them as though they are. God knows about your current situations, even though He may not speak of them. God wants us to go from what currently is, to what His will is for our future. He gives a vision to get us from here to there.


7)      Not an escape or a way out

People hope that a prophet will tell them the easy way out, but these are not prophetic escape routes. It will not happen.


8)      Does not qualify you for anything

God is not saying “You’re qualified, so I want you to do this for me.” No, He is saying “I want you to depend on me”. Most times when you see where God wants you to go, you will feel more inadequate than before the prophecy. Yet, by faith you’ll know God will equip you because you’ll know you’re not qualified with out Him.


9)      Not judgmental or critical

God will never charge, embarrass or condemn you through personal prophecy. If a “prophecy” ever does any of those things, the words were not spoken by God. Prophecy is to edify and to build up, not to tear down. God does not operate that way.


People who receive personal prophecy will fall into two groups:

1)      Those who will respond positively to prophecy

2)      Those who will not respond to, execute or believe prophecy


The Promised Land is yours. You can take it, it’s yours. God knows us and what will strengthen us. He will use prophecy to spark your zeal by speaking to your potential to do something for Him.

Seek the Lord for the gift of prophecy.

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