7-27-14 SS

“The Need for Salvation” taught by Rev. Hoover

(Unit 2 Study 9 of Radiant Life lesson guide)

Gen 3:1-14, 16-19; Romans 1:28-32, 3:9-20; Ephesians 2:1-3

Key Verse= Romans 3:23

Adam was to keep the Garden.  How hard could that have been?  It was perfect.  He never had to work hard in the hot sun.  The Earth brought forth everything that Adam and the animals needed.  How hard could it be?  Adam was about to find out.  After their sin, Adam had to labor and sweat to eat bread (Genesis 3:19).  He had to plant and toil.  Because of one sin, the whole World has been corrupted.  Even the very ground is groaning for relief because it cannot bring forth like God intended it to (scripture reference).

Bible and gavel

We will all be judged by the same standards and there is no good found in anyone, except through Jesus Christ by the indwelling of the Spirit.  The Law of God (The Bible) tells us what sin is, but it does not take care of it.  Only the blood of Jesus can take sin away.  It is a grave responsibility to uphold the standard of God.  Through the influence of the world, satan will try to draw you away, but the Spirit of God will cause you to overcome.

Everyday we have to make the decision who we are going to follow.  God will not make you listen to Him.  You can say no to Him, but the Spirit of God will not always strive with man.  After a while He will give you over to a reprobate mind, which means you will no longer have the mind set to make right decisions.  The person who decides to live right, that’s the one the Savior is coming back for.  Heaven is a perfect garden with no satan and no temptations.

It doesn’t matter how far or how much someone has ruined their life, if they will call out to God, His saving power will reach them.  Hallelujah! This is great news!  Do you know your final destination?  You can be an over-comer through the blood of Jesus Christ.

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