7-27-14 Morn

“Isaac Dwelt by a Well”  preached by Rev. Yohn

Genesis 25:11

Lahai-roi was so named by an Angel (Gen 16:7-14) and it means the well of The Living One.  A lot of times we see hardship come our way and we become weary.  We would like to run away like Hagar because we do not see any relief.  But if we call out to God He will open our eyes, refresh us and restore us.  When troubles come, we need to call out and not run away.

It was by this special well that Isaac choose to dwell and what a great place to be!  If we are willing to dwell by the well, God will see that we are taken care of. There we can drink from the Living Water.

God made a way for the greatest need of mankind to be met; our need for salvation.  God has built a well that’s bubbling over and all we need to do is just go to the well.  This greatest need is supplied, so everything else is easy for God.  Surely He will take care of all needs.

Is your soul thirsting today for the Living God, for where can we go but to the Lord?  There are two fountains to draw from.

  1. The well of the Living God
  2. A polluted cistern, full of compromise and dissatisfaction

By one of these places you will dwell and let me tell you, these wells are not in the same valley.  Get close to God because the blessings of life come only through Him.  Those things in your life are not going to get better, unless you dwell by His well.  Life can be better for you and your family.

well of living water

Like the woman at the well, as long as we are carnally minded we will not grasp what God is trying to tell and show us (script ref).  He told her she would never thirst again, that she would never go looking for another well/ never go looking for another Savior.  She didn’t fully understand Jesus, but Isaac got it.  “I’ve got to make this place my address.”

If we want to receive something from God, we have to stay close to the Well.  Do you want your family to be blessed?  Dwell close to the Well and it starts from the Head of the family down.  You will hinder the blessings for your family if you begin to draw from a polluted cistern.

If any man thirst, let him come unto me and drink (John 7:37).

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