7-27-14 Eve

“Conflict Before Honey” preached by Rev. Yohn

Judges 14:5-9

God has given us the power to slay our enemy, receive the honey of salvation and share it with another.  Jesus slayed the lion, satan, in victory from the cross so that the Church could stand redeemed.  So that we could taste and see that the Lord is good.

As soon as someone becomes a Christian, they are enlisted in the Army of God.  It will not always be easy and one should never expect to glide through life, but God will give the victory every time and the conquest begins as soon as you receive salvation.

It doesn’t take long for the lion to roar against a young believer and they soon realize that they need much prayer in their life to combat satan.  We all need the influence of the Holy Ghost to push back the darkness.  As God taught Sampson the power that he had in Him, so God teaches us the power we can have when the Spirit moves us.

God gets us ready for something special ahead of us.  If we are going to be heroes for Him, our training must go beyond the textbook.  In the school of God, real battles teach us the techniques of combat and we learn that our strength is not our own, but that is comes only from God.  We learn to kneel before God and seek Him as our source.

Sampson wasn’t out looking for a battle.  He had other things on his mind when the lion came.  As it is for us and satan suddenly comes to tear us limb from limb.  Sampson slew that lion and then just went on and didn’t make a big deal about it.  We give satan so much praise when all we talk about is how he’s been roaring against us and woe is me.  We ought to be ashamed.  God is not going to let more come upon you than what you can stand.

roaring lion

Sometimes we face a battle and all we have is what is in our hearts.  The lion jumps out and all we can do is cry the name of Jesus.  With God all things are possible.  It doesn’t matter how fierce the beast, greater is He that is in thee, than he that is in the world.  Cry out and God will put a wall of fire about you.  Many are the afflictions of the righteous, but the Lord delivers him out of them all.

Sampson went back to the lion and saw that honey bees had moved in.  Sampson did not fight battles all the time, we do not fight all the time either.  We too get to taste the sweetness of life.  They that sow in tears shall reap in joy.  The greater portion of honey is in Heaven, but we can taste the sweetness while we are here.  Acceptance with God, joy, peace, God’s care…these are some of the sweetness we have with God.

Before honey, conflict; there has to be a battle.  Every time we go through a battle there will be sweetness.  Sampson reached in that lion and pulled out that honey.  He ate of it and offered it to his parents.  We enjoy sweetness through Jesus and we need to share some of that honey with someone else.  Tell them there is a Heaven to gain and a Hell to shun.  When someone watches you and sees God’s  blessing in your life, they are going to want some of what you have.  Share your testimony.  A broken watch is good for nothing.  A pencil with out lead is good for nothing.  We enjoy so much sweetness and goodness, if we do not share it, then we are good for nothing too.

Share that honey with someone else, so they too can taste and see that the Lord is good. 

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