7-20-14 SS

Rev. Hoover taught: “The Priesthood Established”

Unit 1 Study 8 of Radiant Life by Gospel Publishing House

Exodus 28-29:46; 1 Peter 2:4-10

We, as the Children of God, are all Priest unto Him.

Why was there such specific directions regarding the Priests garments? They were set apart as a special people to God. Their dress was to be an outward sign of their inner holiness. God wanted others all around to know that they were different, that they were serving and worshiping Him. They were to look like a leader, look respectable and set an example. Not like today where you look for help in stores and have to ask, “Do you work here or not?” And the way we talk and act are equally as important. It isn’t all about outward appearance.

I choose to be holy, set apart for you Lord.

God has all kinds of different offices, a form of ministry, for each of His children. God keeps us so He can use us for only the very best. Like your fine china that you save just for special occasions, we are set apart. We are consecrated; set apart from the world and used only by God, set apart from the worlds’ morals/values and called to a higher standard. The Holy Spirit gives us the power to be set apart and to stay holy, to hold ourselves accountable to God’s standards.

Kings and Priests unto God… Children of God are called to stand in sharp contrast to those who are not. People should know that there is a something different (they should see it and sense it). Your relationship with Jesus makes you holy. You have a special place…let the world know that. You are an ambassador for Christ. The way you live your life will draw others in to the Kingdom of God.

No longer is there a need for animal sacrifices. Now we offer spiritual sacrifices of time, prayer and thanksgiving. Now we have direct access to God. We can go to Him and say “Father”. That’s what it means to be a priest; to go right in to the holy of holies, no separation.

It’s not your position (form of ministry) that makes you important in God’s kingdom; it’s how well you serve Him in it.

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