7-20-14 Morn

Rev. Yohn preached: “God’s Care”

Psalms 91:1-11

There is a precious relationship between us and God. He has a special care for His people. He is omnipresent, everywhere at one time, not an idol on a shelf somewhere unable to speak or move. We can dwell and settle in Him because He is with us wherever we are if there is holiness within and He will hide us in His Tabernacle.

We can read about Job and see that satan knows how God works (Job 1:10). God cares so much about His children that He puts a hedge around us, built of the Spirit of God and fortified by His Word. There is a line that the devil cannot cross.

Impenetrable fortress

In Kenya Africa, the Maasai tribe builds fences of thorn bushes around their mud huts. At night they drive their cattle in and seal the opening with more thorns, to protect their family and belongings from lions. They build a hedge to keep out the enemy.

The Hebrews dwelt in the land of Goshen for 400 years and over the course of those years, most adopted parts of Egyptian culture. This great nation, America, was founded on God and directed by His hand. Over the years our culture has suffered great demoralization as well. Family values have deteriorated and unrighteous judgments, decisions and legalization are rampant.

God blessed the Hebrews because there was yet a remnant that remained faithful to Him. He sent a deliverer to them and there was a division in the land. God separated and protected His people from the plagues that came upon Egypt. (Exodus 9:26) Only in the land of Goshen, where the children of Israel were…

There is a special protection for those to whom the Blood has been applied. Has the blood of Jesus been applied in you? Is there a Goshen in your life? God will protect you, but God expects you to stand in defense of that fortress. Guard it, don’t let anything come and brake or hurt it. Don’t let there be a breech. If we open the door and let the world in, satan will destroy what God has built. There are things you shouldn’t watch, listen to or look at because it will affect your relationship with Christ. Do not invite satan over the line.

If there is an attack on the fortress around you, call out to God and He will send Angels to defend you, for they are given charge over us to keep us.

Are you in God’s fortress? Has there been a breech? Has the enemy come in and torn down the walls to torment you? Let’s cry out to God today.

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