7-20-14 Eve

Bro. Fred Lowman preached: “Not far from the Kingdom of God”

Mark 12:34

God knows your needs, your thoughts and your intentions. Jesus was being tempted and asked all kinds of questions. He knew they were just trying to trick Him into saying something inaccurate.

Luke 18:9-14

Don’t ever point your finger at someone and boastfully say, “I’m glad I’m not like them”. But for the grace of God, so would you be. The Pharisee was praying to be heard, he was praying unto himself. God never hears a self exalting prayer. This Pharisee had “I problems”. Hell is filled with people like this Pharisee. Folks that went through the motions of being a Christian and even believed they were, but they were not. Being good will not get you in to Heaven; people like the publican get to Heaven. You can fast and pray, do all those other things and still end up in Hell. Just as living in a garage cannot make someone a car, simply being in church, singing and even teaching or preaching will not make someone a Christian. Only salvation through the red blood of Jesus Christ will make a black heart white.

You can be so close to the Kingdom of Heaven and miss it, even for just a little thing. You can’t get to Heaven by just being sincere, you will just be sincerely wrong. Jesus is the only way to Heaven. You are so close…don’t miss it, come to Him today.

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