Rev. Yohn preached:  “A season of travail”

Isaiah 66:7-8

Can a nation be born at once? No, America had to endure a lot of pain and travail to become a nation.

Travail means to labor as in child birth. Jesus travailed on the cross to birth salvation. Without it, we could not be born again. Sin has caused all of us to work hard (Genesis 3:19 In the sweat of thy face shalt thou eat bread…). Before great blessing and abundant joy, there is a time of suffering and travailing; labor for benefit. But God always responds to a sincere cry from His children, this intense cry of travail.

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As soon as Zion had travailed. When the Children of Israel cried out to God, something began to happen. There will be a delightful change when we really travail before the Lord. There will be a reformation, a transformation. Every time before great revivals, there has been a travail of crying out to God with intensity. Most times it takes travailing by someone somewhere to win a soul. God will not force you to travail for souls, but do you really care? When someone travails for souls, there’s going to be a new born. Someone is going to give their heart and life to God.

Our travailing will not always be for souls, but whatever it’s about, when we humble ourselves and intensely cry unto Him, God will make a way for those things to all work out.

As soon as Zion travailed. Have you been travailing? No matter how hard the heart or situation seems to be, if you will travail, you are about to see a miracle.

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