7-13-14 Morn

Rev. Yohn preached:  “The spider’s web”

Isaiah 59:1-6

It is the work of satan to try to pull everybody down to destroy them.  A web is intricate and precise; as are the plots of those that pretend to be Christians and those hypocrites that do things all in the name of ‘religion’.  They do a lot of thinking and are very cunning in their deception as they spin their lies and weave their traps.  They are there for only one purpose, to take hold of prey and entangle them in a foundation of its own making.  A web woven of deceit, conjured from within.

Spiders are after insects, they devour their own kind; as are the hypocrites.  They want the best seats, they want to be seen and they want to be heard, yet they hide what they truly are.  They are reclusive until they have caught what they are after.  A spider will build a web anywhere, they really don’t care.

In the heart of a Child of God, there is no place for hypocrisy.  God will not come and move in a den of lions and thieves.  There is no deception or falsehood in Christ.

We need to pray that God will help us discern the truth, so we are not deceived when the spiders come in with lies to catch and destroy us.  (As it is an easy thing for us to sweep down the webs and scatter the spiders, so it is for God when we call upon His name.)

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