7-13-14 Eve

James McMickin preached:  “Yet the Lord thinketh upon me”

Psalms 40:17

The Psalmist David would surely say ‘I am just an ant on the footstool, but I found the granary.’

The word thinking here means plotting and scheming good things for you.  God’s thoughts of you are not random neither are they after thoughts.  God doesn’t react, He acts.  He didn’t just dream up plans for your life, scatter your life’s pieces all over the place and say ‘well, there you go, you’re on your own’.  The plan of God was preordained before the foundations of the world.  He has all the pieces.  He plotted your life before you were born and weaves it together.  God has great things destined for you.  God doesn’t use great men and great women; He uses men and women greatly.

Genesis 50:20 They weaved an evil plot, but God took the same thing and wove it for good.  The same God that was thinking about David is thinking about you.

When people hear a sermon about fulfilling their destiny, they get hung up on themselves and get stars in their eyes, looking for fame and acclaim.  There is something awfully wrong with that.  They have not received the message right.  God will never get lined up with our plans.  But, when our plan and our will becomes lost in God’s, we are getting mighty close to seeing our destiny fulfilled.

Jesus is coming very soon.  God has one more revival for America in these last days, an unprecedented, great revival.

Your destiny is all for God’s glory and not your own.  The time is now for God’s plan to be fulfilled in your life.  Who is willing to let their own will be lost in God’s?

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